This is an opportunity for a fixed term (6 month) part time Lead Sourcing / Telesales contact.

If you've found this page and are interested, please contact us - we are actively looking for the RIGHT application in 2018

Please don't waste our time. 

This isn't a Marketing position, it's Sales.  Creating a buzz around our products on Social Media as means to an end is acceptable, but not an end of itself.

This isn't a full time job, it's a Contract that will be incentivised in negotiation.


IT Services Sales (Contract 2018)

This is an opportunity for a fixed term (6 month) Lead Sourcing / Telesales contract.

Flexible contract structure worth around R30k for 6 months (this should make it clear that it is NOT a full time job offer) and the value will be partially incentive based, details will be established as part of contract negotiation.

  1. Work from any where you like, preference given to a resource that is in the East London area.
  2. Internet Access suitable for VoIP calls is required (CIS will not provide this), as well as a SIP compatible handset. CIS will provide PBX facilities.  In the absence of the technical skills to configure a device, CIS may provide one for the duration of the contract suitably preconfigured.
  3. The incentive portion would include commission paid quarterly for up to 30 months after the agreed contract start date for leads generated and handed over in the initial 6 month period.


Actionable leads need to be identified and qualified and a hand over facilitated.

You will have access to 2 technical contacts and should expect to attend introductory meetings with at least one of them to hand over the prospective client. 

We're looking to make profit of R48k over 3 years (36 months) - or R16k per year, R1.3kpm on leads generated and handed over.  

As a starting point to negotiation we'd expect around half the contract value to be made up of incentives and the other half paid monthly for 6 months based on monthly progress reports.